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tirsdag 26. april 2011

Awaiting week 9

Assalaamu alaikum,

While awaiting sunday to go ahead with our new schedule and week 9 of the curriculum I have spent some time organzing, and together we have done some arts and crafts, played some board games and been a great deal outside on the playground next to us. We have had so nice spring weather, subhan Allah, they even had this years first ice cream.

Her are some of the crafts we did:

They practiced sewing skills with these embroidery cards, thought we could send them for my grandmother insha Allah:

And we started to make a new infant mobile for baby sister Romaysa, we are making it from plastic beads.

Hilal and a blue masjid, kabaa and a palm tree

And a red heart we will finish up soon insha Allah. Will post a picture when I get to buy a mobile-ring to put the mobile together insha Allah.

And they made a felt picture like this, we omitted the eye so that the fish became defaced:

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Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum sis

Masha Allaah wonderful! Great creativity. Maimoonah loves to stitch like my mom. But I am not sure how I could start this. I looked around here for any toddler sewing kits but was unsuccessful. Your look really nice masha Allaah!

Beads mobile so cute masha Allaah! You are really creative Barakallaah feeki!

Calendar looks so neat and nice too. I am sure all of you really enjoyed your outing as I can these lovely pictures!! So awaiting your next week activities Insha Allaah!

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