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“…Flee unto Allah…” [Surah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:50]

torsdag 7. april 2011

Week 6, Allah created nature

Assalaamu alaikum,

Then it`s time to summarize week 6, alhamdulillah. This week I was a little late with cutting and preparing the mini book from Umm An-numan and we started with other tasks. So after a few days with different activities my oldest asked me: Are`nt we going to do the small book soon? So, we did, alhamdulillah.

And since the weeks theme were nature we did some reading about plants, trees and different kinds of nature. Like the forest here were we live, the desert, rainforest etc., we learned a lot-  including me.

And we made our own tree for our weekly bulletin board:

And we did plant some fast growing seeds so my children could watch how amazing it is that plants actually grows from a small seed, subhan Allah. This is how we did it:
First you need som seeds, cotton, water and empty milk dispensers or similar
Then we placed the seeds on the wet cotton and set them in the window so it would get enough light,
And after 4-5 days we have som green small plants, which one also can eat, subhan Allah

We continued our journey presenting the prophets of Allah and this week we did read about the honored visitors of prophet Ibrahim a.s who brought the message about them being sent for the wicked people of Lot. So that were the easy introduction about Lot a.s, the rest of the story they will get some years later insha Allah. We color in every prophets name on the prophets tree we have at our board and they also still color in their names in big letters for our scrap book.

We also got them the puzzle from Learning Roots, called The giant journey, which presents the prophets from Adam a.s to Mohammed sallahu aleihi wa sallam. It was great and we have puzzled it several times already, and they keep pointing to the signs with prophets names and asks who is this and what is his story.

The signs with the names on can be popped out so that children can be asked who`s story is this and bring the correct name to the correct story and they can pratice their reading in finding the correct sign etc. Im doing the reading of the names since they are not reading yet.
Finally we did some worksheets with tracing and pencil control:


And they did some threading with large beads of different shapes,


We continued reading Aqeeda for children and they finished memorizing surah al Quraish masha Allah.

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