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tirsdag 12. april 2011

Week 7, Allah wakes me up each day

We started off with Umm An-Nu`mans minibook this week and it was a delight as usual, masha Allah. With coloring, memorizing, cutting and pasting with Allahs beautiful names and discussing new subjects. We learned the names Al- mawla and Al-hafidh.

My oldest even wrote his own name for the very first time during this, masha Allah!! You see at the top of this dua reminder calendar from the mini book.

This aqeeda worksheet witch cutting and pasting we actually have done twice now, they liked it so much and it was such an easy concept, I took it from umm An- nu`man in her post called Aqeeda activites for preschool children on her blog.

They learned how to make their bed, masha Allah.
We also talked about what is to be done if having a bad dream.

We talked about which ayat and surah to recite before sleeping and to sleep on the right side.

We copied an acitivity from Umm Maimoonahs blog and we visited this site (non muslim site) and learned more about sleep and why we need to sleep. We printed out some resources from there and had them on our weekly board for discussion.

We also made a poster of what we do during night time and what we do during day time, but I cant get the pictues in the right format at the moment.
We also did this worksheet with letter regocnition. They are supposed to look at the color of the letter below and then find the correct letter and color its ballon in the same color.


They did trace arabic numbers, wahid and ithnan, and we practised counting in arabic. In this book there is also a little assignment at the bottom were they shall insircle the correct number. Easy tasks and they are so happy when they feel that they comrehend.

We also did worksheets with tracing of latin letters, did not print it with colours this time, but it was still appreciated and they did not mention anything about it so I will continue with that I guess.

And then we had some numeral practice with this worksheet. Like "what is the next number after two" and then they write the number. And to draw lines in correct order from number to number. The younger one needed a lot of help with this and showed me that she`s not reading the numbers yet, but with practice and play she will get it insha Allah. The oldest did really well on this one masha Allah.
We continued reading our level one Aqeeda book and I have to state again that this book is so suitable for preschoolers. My children easily grasps the material, masha Allah and we have so nice conversations together when we go through the review questions after reading, and also on other occations, alhamdulillah. The aqeeda level 1 book for children can be downloaded here insha Allah.

I decided that we start over from the beginning in Usool at thalatha for children and try to memorize the ayahs insha Allah. This booklet can be downloaded from http://www.salafyink.com/ insha Allah I would put the direct link but I cant acess their site at this moment. I also recommand for us parents to read the sharh for usool at thalatha, you can read an explanation from sheikh Ibn uthaymeen here at sunnapublishing.net insha Allah.

Regarding Quran memorization they almost completed surah al maoon with baba this week masha Allah. Insha Allah next week they will get due and start with surah al kawthar.

We continued reading on the prophets, this time we read about Yaqoub a.s and Yusuf a.s.

2 kommentarer:

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum Ya Ukhtee

I only knew now after your comment that you are having a blog. I just finished reading all your posts and I cannot express the happiness in seeing your little ones in action and the hard work you have put in Subhanallaah! I feel like leaving a comment on each of your post but as you know time is very limited for me. I am really glad that your are recording and sharing your journey and looking forward to all your posts to come Insha Allaah!

Keep up your good work and May Allaah reward you in full in this world and the hereafter and make your kids firm upon the dheen and increase their knowledge and make it beneficial for them. Aameen!

UmmAdam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah dear sister,

Ameen. Jazak Allah khair for everything sister, your curriculum is excellent, masha Allah! Seeing you working with your daughter are really a huge inspiration, masha Allah. My kids loves to see what Maimoonah does every week! Very happy to share our journey with you uhktee!

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