“O you who possess Eemaan (faith), save yourselves and your families from the Fire.” [Sooratut-Tahreem (66): 6]

“…Flee unto Allah…” [Surah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:50]

tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Summary week 13, Allah hears everything

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

This week we had my parents visiting us, and alhamdulillah the days before they arrived we managed to get done most of what was on our list and we learned a lot. The summary got a bit late due to this too but here it is insha Allah.
Before we started with the wonderful workbook from Umm An`numan on the subject I whispered something in Roqayas ear and asked Adam if he could hear it, he said no and looked very curios, I asked if he thought Allah could hear it and he answered affirmative masha Allah. I then told him what I had said (something like Adam is a kind boy) and he was very happy. And I did the same with Roqaya and we did it a few times. Then I said something with a loud voice and they looked like shocked, smile, and I asked them if they thought it was necessary to speak in such a manner and they said no with their heads shaking. And Adam remembered from the poster we made with the advices of Luqman that loud voices are like the braying of a donkey. Nice little practice and it caught their attention and then we started the workbook.

The workbook started with the story narrated from Aisha ra. telling about khawla who came to the prophet saaw complaining and that Aisha could not hear what she said, and the aya in surah al mujadilah came down and showed us how Allah could hear it, the workbook then presents some nice follow up questions and my children went around talking about that story the rest of that day. It also made them understand more on how to adjust our voices when making dua because Allah is aware and hears everything.

They learned about decibels and there were a nice activity to go along with it, and they did this activity with looking at the pictures and regocnize if it would make a loud or a soft sound, or no sound at all.

They learned Allahs names As samee and Äl Khabeer

We read in our enoclypedia about the ear and hearing, and how the sound reaches the ear through sound waves.

We did the Sound bingo from here (idea from here and here) its a very nice practice but we did not get the most out of this activity because they were a bit too tired when we did it. I know I should have waited and have done it another time but they badly wanted to continue even though I could see that they did not benefit like I hoped. But we`ll insha Allah do it again another time when the mood is right. By they way, if you want to use this be aware that some of the templates contains musical instruments and also the sounds of them are present. But all sounds are named and it should be easy to avoid insha Allah.

We also did a listening practice, we live close by a road and we heard trucks, cars and motorbikes, and someone cutting the grass, some birds and a plane. They sat as silent like never before trying to hear a new sound.

They did this worksheet on hearing, they were supposed to circle inn the things that makes sounds we can hear. Roqaya also forgot herself and incircled the tomato when she were about to color it

They also did a similar worskheet on sight as a catch up from last week, here they were supposed to incircle the things we can see but are not able to touch

We also read a bit about some of the parts in our ear and put an illustration of an ear at our weekly board.

We read the story of Prophet Dawud a.s , they colored in his name in arabic and english.


Its Roqaya that colored the arabic masha Allah! She has improved so much since we started the curriculum! They also colored together the story of Dawud a.s in this coloring book and after that we read that book together.


They finished surah an nasr and we are starting surah al masad masha Allah.
As for other worksheets we did not got to anything except tracing, the english meaning of the words are ear, hearing, sound, Allah hears everything. The really enjoy to trace words rather than just letters and it gives them good practice in both writing and trying to read the letters.
We did not get to do MEP maths either due to us having guests, but Abu Adam has been doing some practical exercises with them the whole week, like this: How many are eating dinner now? When Adam is finished how many are eating then, and when Roqaya also are finished then how many are left. And when Romaysa sleeps how many are awake, if I go to the bathroom how many are in the living room e.t.c. And they are having lots of fun with that. They are counting, adding and subtracting ALL the time.

We practiced arabic with the flash cards and in circle time only. By the way have we decided not to teach Adam qaida noorania by ourselves yet but rather try to find a sheikh for him online insha Allah, but I will start with him in the mean time with the book READ from learning roots which are based on ahsanil qawaid, it seems great masha Allah. You can read a review on it here insha Allah.

Insha Allah will next week be a full week and we will start aqeeda again, get to do MEP maths, starting with READ and do madina arabic and do some nice activities.

søndag 22. mai 2011

Summary week 12, Allah sees everything

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi ya akhawat,

This week we learned about the fact that Allah sees everything. This is really about ihsaan, to understand that even if we dont see Allah, He surely sees us. Qadrallah we did not get to do absolute everything as normal this week so we did a lot of reading and played with the flashcards and we will catch up on the missing parts within the next weeks insha Allah.

We started off with the mini work book and they had fun as usual. I adjusted the language for them to make words that suits our language, alhamdulillah that worked out great.

They understood that people that are blind have their own way of reading through the alphabet session, but they did not seem to understand fully how to read with it and make words with that alphabet. I later remembered that the elevator in our building has that script on each button and I will show them insha Allah. And they enjoyed the book afterall.

They learned the names of Allah al Basir and Ar raqeeb

We read the story of prophet Dhul Khifl a.s and talked about him and made the giant journey puzzle as review of the prophets stories so far. Roqaya showed me that she remembers a lot more than what I thought and expected from her, masha Allah.

We read about they eye and how it works in our book about the human body:

And I recently got this book on sale about how to behave in traffic and it contained a nice explanation of how people not being able to see are to take precaution when moving outside. This made an impact on them and we talked about it and they seemed to really understanding that having fully functionable eyes truly are a gift from Allah.

And the book is a nice read on other subjects as well and nicely illustrated, here Roqaya explaining to siser Romaysa about different signs in traffic:

*picture removed*

We did some hands one acitivities with ideas from here. Covering their eyes trying to identify some toys and they tried to walk like that.  especially Roqaya got a bit scared while being blindfolded and felt very uncomfortable, subhan Allah. We talked about being happy and thankful for being able to see by the grace of Allah.

Also Abu Adam got blindfolded and tried to chase them like that, they had lots of fun and did not want to stop playing, masha Allah.

We have been reading a lot on insects lately (its spring time) and these were some of the books we read.

The book with facts are in norwegian and the others in english. The one about honeybees from Harun Yahya is a really informative and nice book, but it had surprisingly some unislamic elements, I did not read that to my children and Im only mentioning this so that others may be aware of it.

We also got inspired from UmmAbdulBasir and made ourselves a mini garden with a few insects. They had a lot of fun with this. I did not have other painting than watercolors but it worked out, alhamdulillah. We took precaution and made no facial attributes for the insects.

They did tracing words this week, I thought I could try with words they are familiar with and they thought it was much more fun than just writing letters separatly. And Adam could read the words after tracing masha Allah. They did not do worksheets other than that this week.

 *picture removed*

Regarding arabic we just reviewed orally what we read in medinah arabic last week. And they played more of the arabic horoof bingo with Abu Adam

And regarding Quran memorization they reviewed this week.

As for reading we have been reading this book called "Ahmad has to go potty" over and over for a while now, if I had some activities to go with it I had posted it as "together we read", but I dont at the moment, maybe later insha Allah. Its a very cute book, actually written by sister Umm An`numan.
My children loves it.

They also did color this small book on the five senses (they did not accept me trying to only let them color the sense of sight, lol )

And they have been doing some drawing and playing totally free with their crayons as their new coloring books just needed a break before being finshed the first week.

As for fine motorskills they love this game with fishing, it rotates and the fishes keeps closing and opening their mouths and you have to try catch it at the right moment, and then they moved their catch over at this ice cube tray.

torsdag 19. mai 2011

Flash cards from Smart Ark - a review

More than just flash cards!

I have introduced my kids to the arabic flash cards I purchased from Smart Ark. And to me I find them to be much more than just average flash cards. With the clear (and big enough for children to read) text (in both english and arabic) at the bottom of each card, the color coded idea of each subject and the laminated finish gives a lot of possibilities insha Allah.

When I first introduced the cards I did it as regular flash cards and showed them one and one card and we named each one in our language and in arabic. After that I left them with the cards to explore by themselves. Here is what they did:  First they looked at them and asked eachother about what was on the card like we just did together. Then Adam discovered that some had the same color and others different and he had Roqaya help him sorting them by color. After that they got down at the floor starting to place them after oneanother by color on the floor so that it became five rows of cards. And then they pointed and named different objects. The cards are round edged and easy to handle for the children and they was durable enough to be handled by Roqaya (who for some reason loves to bend cards like that). Another variation they did was putting three and three cards of the same color and make rows.


Next time I introduced the cards we first looked through them as flash cards and then I placed four cards which they were familiar with (i.e not new words/objects) before them and asked them to cover their eyes and I removed one card and they got to tell me which one that were missing (in arabic). I shuffled the cards and we also changed and put in some of the new words/objects and they learned quickly some new words and had fun with the challenge by getting to notice which card that missed each time, masha Allah.

And then I put up a extra challenge for Adam the next time, I placed before him three cards at the time and asked him to name them first. After that I pointed to him were the name was written in arabic at each card, then I chose one of the objects and wrote the named at the board and he was to recognize which objects name I wrote. He has startet spelling all kinds of words lately and this was a good practice for him spelling arabic. Also when I placed cards which contains objects with some similar and almost similiar letters he could fast point out the correct answer, masha Allah.

They have a lot of fun with them and asks me to play with the cards by themselves and the only thing I would change if I could would be that the box contained a bit more space so that it would be easy for a toddler to put the cards back into it, the box just fits a bit too perfect right now.


Next on my list is to put the cards on the table and give them a marker and ask f.ex Roqaya to mark the first letter on the card with the "shams" on and f.ex ask Adam to mark the third letter on the card with the "daraja". And then they have to know what does shams/daraja mean, look were is it, grab it, find the word written in arabic and mark the correct letter. This can be done since the cards are laminated and then the marker easily can be wiped off insha Allah. I can even think of more ways to apply the cards but I guess this would be it for now.

They also learned two words in english today,  my little speller did not regocnize the words in our language (because they are written in english and he dont know to read that) when he tried to put them together so I thought him two of them and he was very happy! He was like: I can speak english!


Jazak Allah khair sister Fehmida in Smart Ark for producing such a great product! Looking forward to try rest of the products, and continuing using this one insha Allah!
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