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fredag 6. mai 2011

Ramadan preparations 1, Jumada atthani

Jumada atthani 1432
I have started preparing for the upcoming ramadan alhamdulillah, - may we live to see it ya rabb. It is reported that amongst the early muslims they used to start preparing and asking Allah ta ala to live to experience another ramadan six months in advance of the upcoming ramadan. Im planning to post once monthly our preparations for ramadan 1432 insha Allah.

To start homeschooling has for me felt overwhelming, alhamdulillah. I never realized how much resources and creative sisters that existed "out there", and no exceptions regarding the ramadan resources of course, masha Allah. So to get through existing materials and to choose the appropriate activities for my childrens age and interest will be quite a task it seems. And of course I would like to get done all cutting, coloring, shopping e.t.c before the blessed month is here so that we can spend our time as useful as possible bidnillah ta ala.

After seeing a lot of material I thought it was about time to organize before I cant recall were I found thing, and then I came across  A mothers ramadan organizer  from talibideen jrs ramadan section. I have filled in some of the information alhamdulillah. That will be the place for storing the activities that seems interesting to us (you can fill in the source were you have found the activity) and then when I make the final choices I can locate what I need for the acitvity and where to find it easy insha Allah.

In ramadan we are stopping the curriculum insha Allah. So Im about to make a acitvity plan for especially for ramadan. Of course I intend to explain and teach them about ramadan itself and it`s virtues from the sunnah insha Allah. I thought about filling in a 30 day schedule so I know that I dont plan to do too much insha Allah.
And we need ourselves a ramadan calendar! As for calendar I have already decided to go for the moon phase calendar from islamicbulletinboards, I find it good looking and very educational, both regarding number recognition and the moon phases. Great to get them used to the fact that fasting starts when sighting the moon and not by calculation. And of course it is a great way to count down to eid and keep track of ramadan for the children. The size is also nice, approx. A3 size after cutting. I have started doing some of the coloring when my children are colouring anyway.

I have calculated that we shall be done with presenting all the prophets of Allah from our chart (the tree from easel and ink) just before ramadan, insha Allah, so my plan is to focus on the seal of the prophets, our beloved prophet Muhammed sallahu aleihi wa sallam within ramadan. Reading from seerah and doing some acitivities related to it to increase their understanding and knowledge about rasul Allah sallahu aleihi wa salam. I also ordered a Prophet Muhammed workbook for preschoolers in our language that I hope will be useful insha Allah.

For arts and crafts I have decided to come down to four choices (right now I have seen that there is a lot to choose between alhamdulilah. Last year I was not organized and had planned way to much arts and crafts and had not planned to get hold of necessary items for making it pre ramadan either so that did not work out very well, alhamdulillah, we did a lot of reading together though. But I want to improve insha Allah, and reading  in Umm Maimoonahs blog from last ramadan it seems that 1 arts and crafts pr week is fitting insha Allah.

I also ordered this big coloring book for ages 3-5 from kitaabun.com for them to use in ramadan whenever they like, and it looks really great. It has 136 pages! So I guess that would be enough insha Allah.

That`s it for now alhamdulillah. New preparation post next month insha Allah.

2 kommentarer:

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum Uktee,

Masha Allaah you are far ahead in preparation for Ramadhaan walillaahil Hamd. Nice to see all of this. We are very much back in schedule though!! Any way it was such a surprise to see your post when I was having in mind that Ramadhaan was just round the corner. Subhanallaah! I better get ready fast!!! I need to finish the last 4 weeks of the Curriculum lessons plans too Insha Allaah!

May you have a fruitful Ramadhaan along with your family! Aameen

UmmAdam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah dear sis,

Ameen, barak Allahu fiky. And the same for you and your family sister! Cant wait to see your ramadan posts to come insha Allah! May we live to see ramadan once again.

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