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søndag 8. mai 2011

Summary week 10, What is the Quran?

Assalaamu alaikum,

This week we covered the subject of al Quran. The book of Allah. I had looked forward to this week to teach my children more about how to deal with this unique book that Allah has blessed us with.

We started off with working through Umm An`Numans mini workbook, alhamdulillah. A bit more text than usual but they did not seem bored at all and we worked through it as normal.

In the  beginning the workbook presents books that are good to read and books that are not that good, in our shelf we had some of both so I used the upportunity to show them what books are based on real knowledge and what are just fiction. We agreed that adventures and fiction are fun to read and that some of it even contains some nice lessons to learn from, but that books of real knowledge are the most beneficent ones insha Allah. .

They learned how a surah looks and how an ayah is identified.  

And here some phonics based on the theme masha Allah.

The workbook also teaches many manners of reciting quran and the points with manners of reciting was great to review through our week, and I testet them later to see if they remembered this and mostly they did, masha Allah.

We read the story of prophet Yunus a.s and they also colored in his story in the coloring book which I have decided not to link to anylonger as it contaions pictures of living creatures that shall be colored.

Its a great idea presenting these stories in this form but I wish they could omit the faces of animals if they re-print. I feel that it`s a challenge to explain to my children not to draw faces and then they open (islamic) books likes this and then there are faces.

We downloaded what is the Quran from TJ Quran and it was very beneficial masha Allah. Then I could check off that I had presented to them in a proper manner how we handle the Quran etc. They practiced and counted ayat in different surahs, and they counted the surahs they have learned so far. We looked at the tree different samples of Quran we had at home, we have one hafs arabic only, one hafs with colour tajweed and english meaning and one warsh and they compared them and got to take a good look. We also compared with a regular book, showing that because the Quran is in arabic its beginning is the opposite of a latin lettered book. This unit gives many good advices for presenting the Quran for young children masha Allah.

This week we finished the Aqeeda level 1 for children with the serious subject of jahannam. Actually after reading on jannah last week the natural question comes of what happens if one is deserving of punishment, are mean and are not obeying or believing in Allah, will a really bad person enter jannah, that would not be fair would.. Subhan Allah, children understands this concept. And the booklet does not deal with jahannam in a brutal way, after all it is written for kids to understand, and I felt that they understood and that it was absolutely necessary to clearify around that. Am a bit sad that this book is finished, but alhamdulillah we have it for further review and for baby Romaysa insha Allah, and now we will progress and will insha Allah start up with tawheed, fiqh and aqeeda basics by sheikh Yahya al Hajoori next week.

I improved and planned better with suiting worksheets, alhamdulillah, and this week it turned out great. Adam was happy with more challenge, he did some worksheets with letters,

 and I introduced him to fatha, dammah and kasra

and he filled in the numbers and draw lines at this worksheet

Roqaya also felt that she comprehended, alhamdulillah and she did some worksheets for pencil control

And she did counting and recognizing numbers 1-3

And she looked for the letter raa in this words and colored its frame green and the words not containing raa got the color orange masha Allah

We did chapter 3 of MEP maths

With Quran they are soon finished with surah al kafiron insha Allah.

We did baking together this friday, and not arts and crafts except them playing with beads on their own.

Adam also did this arabic acitivty from a muslimchildisborn and Roqaya played memo with these letters, also from the same site.


And we played family arabic horoof bingo,  A great way to revise the letters and to train their focus, and perfect for Roqaya to learn the letters better, and it was fun too of course!

And since spring weather still is nice we had two trips outdoors, one with simple bbq and one were we just brought lunch. We like to use the upportunities for this before the weather gets too warm and people seems to use every possibilty to get tanned...

Look how beautiful, subhan Allah.

Trip 1,

A lot of boats who trained for sailing suddenly appeared

Trip 2

We collected ALOT of sea shells, Im thinking of using them for some crafts next week insha Allah.

Abu Adam and I are considering to introduce Adam to qaida noorania (uthmani script), does anyone have experience with this with their children or know of someone who does and what they think? If you are not familiar you can take a look at the explanation doroos here insha Allah. At the beginning it is just letters and then it becomes more of a qaida after that. It learns alphabet, joining letters, reading and after that tajweed and to read juz amma. Would love to hear your opinions on this sisters.

4 kommentarer:

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah love the updates! Enjoyed the homeschool updates, family time trips and look forward to seeing how you are going to use those shells. We collected a lot of seashells this weekend for school- and some rocks- hope to use them this week Inshaa'Allaah

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum dear Ukhtee

I really enjoy all your kids' activities. Allaah baaril lahum!

Out door places look so wonderful subahanllaah!

With regard to Sh. Yayha's Aqeedah book sis I am thinking of making it but more interactive and interesting. But nothing is coming to my mond these days. How are you thinking of presenting that to your kids?

By the way I am so glad you mentioned Qaaidah Nooraaniyah. I have heard of it but no idea what is it. Also I need to know about it because there is a place here that they are having a course on this weekends for kids from 4 years onwards and I am hoping to enrol Maimoonah if I get to know from anyone to my question on this if this is authentic and recommended ? Do you know anything on this.

Please do let me know Insha Allaah!

UmmAdam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah,

Umm Suhaila: Really looking forward to see what you are doing with your sea shells sister! Love your updates too though I (due to time) dont get to comment on every one I really enjoy them uhktee!

Umm Maimoonah: You got me thinking when you asked me about the Aqeeda book by Sh. Yahya, I have got used to the easy approach from aqeeda level 1 and forgotten that this is another type of book... Maybe I will try to split in into small sessions and make some easy review questions to each one.. same style as aqeeda level 1 kind of questions. And maybe I have to try to come up with suitable acitities to f.ex every third lesson.. What do you think uhktee?

Regarding Qaida Nooraniya I have the same questions as you and thats why I wanted to try ask through the blog. And Abu Adam will insha Allah present this question and get to know about this shortly insha Allah. I will of course share the answer when we get it insha Allah. Sounds really nice with that kind of courses for kids that close by, masha Allah.

Umm Suhailah sa...


Awww Mashaa'Allaah. I understand about commenting when you can...there are so many blogs out- I was getting blog burn out and decided to not venture off into blog world for a little bit Inshaa'Allaah. I really enjoy the post and even though everyone is a head of me in applying the curriculum- I've gotten some good ideas on how to do things when I get that far.....Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum - you guys really seem to be working hard in the home school world :) Mashaa'Allaah

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