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søndag 15. mai 2011

Summary week 11, I must obey my parents

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

We just finished week 11 of the preschool curriculum islam is my life with adressing the importance of parents in islam. I started the week by reading a fatwa (for myself obviously, not the kids) on having mercy while parenting by Muhammed Al Maliki. I came across the fatwa through amuslimchildisborn after a search on parents, and it was a nice read. You can read it here insha Allah. We should always remember the prophets sallahu aleihi wa sallam example while dealing with our kids. May Allah make it easy for us to act within the limits of islam and to fulfill our childrens rights upon us. Ameen.

We did the workbook on parents from Umm An`numan and this time it actually brought laughter, alhamdulillah. It tells little stories and the child should pick the correct answer or tell if the child in the story did good or not. It made them understand in a new way how its better to obey in first instance than to beg for more or just ignore commands and continue whatever they would rather like. Adam though did suggest that one can ask in a nice way instead of begging or ignoring, masha Allah.

And here coloring Allahs name Ash shakour:

*picture removed*
We read the story of prophet Musa a.s and Harun a.s and they found it very exiting, especially the part involving the stick becoming a snake, and the sea splitting of course.  Subhan Allah how magic appeals to children and I were very happy to continue with reading the wisdom on that in the story that Allah helped Musa a.s do this (the stick becoming a snake) and how all the magicians became muslim after seeing that, because it was outside their ability, only Allah can do that. And writing this reminded me again that things like that are one of the reasons why we dont have a tv. A lot of cartoons are based on magic and makes kids think that this is all fun and exciting and not something dangerous.. may Allah protect us from all that leads us away from the straigth path.  

Then we copied from Umm Maimoonah and they draw circles around a glass (I helped out a bit, especially with Roqaya) and I wrote what they said on what we as parents do for them inside the circles. The illustrations are from a set of color in print outs of adab a sister shared on the Ihsan forum, may Allah reward the sister. Please excuse the picture quality, it was with my mobile phone at a distance, alhamdulillah.


As mentioned in an earlier post we got the books from dar ul kitab, and we read this book on parents several times. Masha Allah, how these books are put together, in reality it is a bunch of authentic facts but the way it is presented are so perfect for children to love and to understand. My children themselves gets the books and ask me to read it, alhamdulillah. We also read the book on manners of reciting the Qurarn from last weeks theme and it was so fruitful, masha Allah.

As for worksheets Adam continued with fatha, dammah, kasra with the letter ta this time, he wrote latin letters and he did a worksheet on numbers.


Roqaya had a worksheet with arabic recognizing, she did pencil control worksheets and she continued counting practice with this worksheet. Especially on her I notice how much better she learns and blossoms after I, bifadlillah, considered the age difference in a better way.



We did chapter 4 and 5 on MEP maths. We could not do all the activities of different reasons, but it was fun and they really likes this approach.

We also did read Luqmans advice and made ourselves a poster, again the idea copied from here., jazak Allah khair dear Umm Maimoonah. They had fun with it and we put the poster next to our dining place and Adam told his father all about the contents of the poster while we ate later

Regarding the sea shell crafts we were up to we need to get back to it because they got new coloring books this week and they have been very busy with them.. Adam colored like one and half hour one day and still did not want to take a break for eating.. So no crafts to show you yet..

We got inspired by the toddler busy activities from Umm an`numan and they had a lot of fun with this activity with clothes pins while I was cooking:

They arranged them by color themselves masha Allah.

And after they were done they used their imagination and made these:

  *picture removed*

For Quran they finished surah al kafiron and started surah an Nasr, alhamdulillah.

Regarding aqeeda we did not start with sheikh Yahya`s aqeeda book yet because I want to prepare some review questions first insha Allah.

But we did read together from the madina arabic book, introducing the concepts of hadha, ma hadha and ahadha. They got the concept and now we keep asking eachother in this manner about lots of things.

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Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum Ukhtee

Masha Allaah am very happy to see Adam and Ruqaiya progressing well Allaahu baarik Lahum and Maimoonah enjoys their learning pics with full of smiles!

Great to know Adam spends so much time colouring. I wish Maimoonah did that too : ) She gets bored fast.

All your worksheets look so colourful masha Allaah! You talk about Latin sis, is that the Norwegian Language?

I am happy all of you are enjoying the Darul Kitab Learn about series books Alhamdulillaah!

Talking about household duties I can understand sis. Sometimes I am far behind it and when I really cannot cope up I just let Maimoonah do anything she wants and do the house work one fine day. sigh!!! Sometimes I wish I do not have to cook and clean and iron : ) May Allaah make it easy for us and may Allaah continue to give patience to our husbands. : )

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Wow does your daughter memorize the surah's fast? What's your method? I want my girls to memorize- Yara seems ready to...but I dont know how to teach them any surahs. I'm thinking about perhaps playing a surah via my comp on repeat.
I'm going to write a post about household chores and homeschool. I've heard so many sisters had that concern. I understand about having a little one...........I tend to forget that Zainab needs some time to be included too. I look forward to seeing how your going to make your schedule fit your daily life.
And its ok Umm Maimoonah....I learned that cleaning was fun when I had to beat the clock lol....like I use to own a timer and I would set the timer to 10 minutes and race against the timer for that one room- say the bedroom- it was fun...lol I know it's nerdy lol but I loved the timer...and then it broke Mashaa'Allaah

UmmAdam sa...

Sis Umm Maimoonah: Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah,
Happy to hear Maimoonah are enjoying looking at the pictures! my kids absolutely enjoys that too, they get very exited about it and asks so many questions :) Yes, by latin letters I mean letters like the ones Im writing now, they are almost the same in norwegian as in english *smile* maybe I need to refresh my english.. it may be wrong to say latin *smile*. Ameen to your dua uhktee <3

UmmAdam sa...

sis Umm Suhaila: Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah, it would be great with a post on household chores and homeschool insha Allah! And I liked the idea with the timer, really! I think I will try that, especially with ironing and folding! Before I had children I could put on a dars while doing it but now I cant hear anything if I try that because of the children playing and talking, masha Allah.

Regarding Quran here is how I do it for now. I mean- it works now, but maybe in a while I will have to make changes, Allahu alam. We do one aya at the time. I recite first part of aya (depends on length) and make them repeat after me. I printet from the mep maths site some number cards from 0-9 and we put one card down for each repetition, and then we take one card back for each repetition, so we repeat twenty times and then moves on. With Adam I correct pronounciation and sometimes encourage to hold vowels longer etc., but with Roqaya I correct only if the letters or words are wrong. And we do that until they can pronounce the aya in a good manner and then we review from start of the surah. In the afternoon I play from cd the Quran recitation from sheikh with childrens repetition on repeat from the last hisb of juz amma and they listen while puzzling, coloring etc. As I mentioned, that works right now.. bifadlillah. Adam also reads with his father what he has learned. Just try to find your way sis, I have also tried with them reciting one aya sitting, next standing up etc. and they find it lots of fun, alhamdulillah. But we dont do that on regular basis now.

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