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søndag 22. mai 2011

Summary week 12, Allah sees everything

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi ya akhawat,

This week we learned about the fact that Allah sees everything. This is really about ihsaan, to understand that even if we dont see Allah, He surely sees us. Qadrallah we did not get to do absolute everything as normal this week so we did a lot of reading and played with the flashcards and we will catch up on the missing parts within the next weeks insha Allah.

We started off with the mini work book and they had fun as usual. I adjusted the language for them to make words that suits our language, alhamdulillah that worked out great.

They understood that people that are blind have their own way of reading through the alphabet session, but they did not seem to understand fully how to read with it and make words with that alphabet. I later remembered that the elevator in our building has that script on each button and I will show them insha Allah. And they enjoyed the book afterall.

They learned the names of Allah al Basir and Ar raqeeb

We read the story of prophet Dhul Khifl a.s and talked about him and made the giant journey puzzle as review of the prophets stories so far. Roqaya showed me that she remembers a lot more than what I thought and expected from her, masha Allah.

We read about they eye and how it works in our book about the human body:

And I recently got this book on sale about how to behave in traffic and it contained a nice explanation of how people not being able to see are to take precaution when moving outside. This made an impact on them and we talked about it and they seemed to really understanding that having fully functionable eyes truly are a gift from Allah.

And the book is a nice read on other subjects as well and nicely illustrated, here Roqaya explaining to siser Romaysa about different signs in traffic:

*picture removed*

We did some hands one acitivities with ideas from here. Covering their eyes trying to identify some toys and they tried to walk like that.  especially Roqaya got a bit scared while being blindfolded and felt very uncomfortable, subhan Allah. We talked about being happy and thankful for being able to see by the grace of Allah.

Also Abu Adam got blindfolded and tried to chase them like that, they had lots of fun and did not want to stop playing, masha Allah.

We have been reading a lot on insects lately (its spring time) and these were some of the books we read.

The book with facts are in norwegian and the others in english. The one about honeybees from Harun Yahya is a really informative and nice book, but it had surprisingly some unislamic elements, I did not read that to my children and Im only mentioning this so that others may be aware of it.

We also got inspired from UmmAbdulBasir and made ourselves a mini garden with a few insects. They had a lot of fun with this. I did not have other painting than watercolors but it worked out, alhamdulillah. We took precaution and made no facial attributes for the insects.

They did tracing words this week, I thought I could try with words they are familiar with and they thought it was much more fun than just writing letters separatly. And Adam could read the words after tracing masha Allah. They did not do worksheets other than that this week.

 *picture removed*

Regarding arabic we just reviewed orally what we read in medinah arabic last week. And they played more of the arabic horoof bingo with Abu Adam

And regarding Quran memorization they reviewed this week.

As for reading we have been reading this book called "Ahmad has to go potty" over and over for a while now, if I had some activities to go with it I had posted it as "together we read", but I dont at the moment, maybe later insha Allah. Its a very cute book, actually written by sister Umm An`numan.
My children loves it.

They also did color this small book on the five senses (they did not accept me trying to only let them color the sense of sight, lol )

And they have been doing some drawing and playing totally free with their crayons as their new coloring books just needed a break before being finshed the first week.

As for fine motorskills they love this game with fishing, it rotates and the fishes keeps closing and opening their mouths and you have to try catch it at the right moment, and then they moved their catch over at this ice cube tray.

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Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah. First I hope and pray you are feeling better Aameen. I think that for a week that's not full you and the young ones did great Mashaa'Allaah!
I think the blind hold game with the husband is something I should ask my husband to do too lol indeed the girls will scream like wild children Allaahu'Alim :).
Now the insects/bugs....I will look into that as well for the girls. Perhaps it will fit right into one of our school themes Inshaa'Allaah.
Like I always ask other Ummis....how did your children respond to the fact that "Allaah sees everything" any questions? Do you think you got the point across clearly? Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for such an educational/innovative funny update- even though you were uneasy

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Laa Baas Tahoor Insha Allaah Ukhtee! Hope you are feeling much better now!

You have actually covered a whole lot for a sickly week Barakallaah Feekum!

I am very glad to see your kids enjoying all the activities. Insects look so cute masha Allaah!

From where did you buy sis Umm An Numan's books Ukhtee. I tried going into Darussalaam page of her books but links are broken. I want to purchase all her books but no idea from where?

Also sis please do take care of yourself and take a break! You need it : )

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