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tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Summary week 13, Allah hears everything

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

This week we had my parents visiting us, and alhamdulillah the days before they arrived we managed to get done most of what was on our list and we learned a lot. The summary got a bit late due to this too but here it is insha Allah.
Before we started with the wonderful workbook from Umm An`numan on the subject I whispered something in Roqayas ear and asked Adam if he could hear it, he said no and looked very curios, I asked if he thought Allah could hear it and he answered affirmative masha Allah. I then told him what I had said (something like Adam is a kind boy) and he was very happy. And I did the same with Roqaya and we did it a few times. Then I said something with a loud voice and they looked like shocked, smile, and I asked them if they thought it was necessary to speak in such a manner and they said no with their heads shaking. And Adam remembered from the poster we made with the advices of Luqman that loud voices are like the braying of a donkey. Nice little practice and it caught their attention and then we started the workbook.

The workbook started with the story narrated from Aisha ra. telling about khawla who came to the prophet saaw complaining and that Aisha could not hear what she said, and the aya in surah al mujadilah came down and showed us how Allah could hear it, the workbook then presents some nice follow up questions and my children went around talking about that story the rest of that day. It also made them understand more on how to adjust our voices when making dua because Allah is aware and hears everything.

They learned about decibels and there were a nice activity to go along with it, and they did this activity with looking at the pictures and regocnize if it would make a loud or a soft sound, or no sound at all.

They learned Allahs names As samee and Äl Khabeer

We read in our enoclypedia about the ear and hearing, and how the sound reaches the ear through sound waves.

We did the Sound bingo from here (idea from here and here) its a very nice practice but we did not get the most out of this activity because they were a bit too tired when we did it. I know I should have waited and have done it another time but they badly wanted to continue even though I could see that they did not benefit like I hoped. But we`ll insha Allah do it again another time when the mood is right. By they way, if you want to use this be aware that some of the templates contains musical instruments and also the sounds of them are present. But all sounds are named and it should be easy to avoid insha Allah.

We also did a listening practice, we live close by a road and we heard trucks, cars and motorbikes, and someone cutting the grass, some birds and a plane. They sat as silent like never before trying to hear a new sound.

They did this worksheet on hearing, they were supposed to circle inn the things that makes sounds we can hear. Roqaya also forgot herself and incircled the tomato when she were about to color it

They also did a similar worskheet on sight as a catch up from last week, here they were supposed to incircle the things we can see but are not able to touch

We also read a bit about some of the parts in our ear and put an illustration of an ear at our weekly board.

We read the story of Prophet Dawud a.s , they colored in his name in arabic and english.


Its Roqaya that colored the arabic masha Allah! She has improved so much since we started the curriculum! They also colored together the story of Dawud a.s in this coloring book and after that we read that book together.


They finished surah an nasr and we are starting surah al masad masha Allah.
As for other worksheets we did not got to anything except tracing, the english meaning of the words are ear, hearing, sound, Allah hears everything. The really enjoy to trace words rather than just letters and it gives them good practice in both writing and trying to read the letters.
We did not get to do MEP maths either due to us having guests, but Abu Adam has been doing some practical exercises with them the whole week, like this: How many are eating dinner now? When Adam is finished how many are eating then, and when Roqaya also are finished then how many are left. And when Romaysa sleeps how many are awake, if I go to the bathroom how many are in the living room e.t.c. And they are having lots of fun with that. They are counting, adding and subtracting ALL the time.

We practiced arabic with the flash cards and in circle time only. By the way have we decided not to teach Adam qaida noorania by ourselves yet but rather try to find a sheikh for him online insha Allah, but I will start with him in the mean time with the book READ from learning roots which are based on ahsanil qawaid, it seems great masha Allah. You can read a review on it here insha Allah.

Insha Allah will next week be a full week and we will start aqeeda again, get to do MEP maths, starting with READ and do madina arabic and do some nice activities.

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Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum!!!! Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum. I love your first paragraph when you were whispering very good warm up and intro to what you are learning Mashaa'Allaah. Lol@driving me nuts!!! Lol!!!! That was too funny Mashaa'Allaah but Al-Hamdulillaah they are learning and having fun with the adding and subtraction. I was wondering when you were going to show everyone your new schedule- I look forward to seeing it and learning from it. Your homeschooling both of your children right now, are they both on different levels- and if so how do you make sure that both are learning the things they need to learn for example- say your son is already pass letter recognition but your daughter isn't- how do you teach them both without keeping your son learning something that he knows and he doesn't move forward and how do you teach your daughter so that she may learn what your son is learning and still get to do work that she needs to catch up on?

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Barakallaah Feekum! well done all of you! Roqaiya is very neat. Tracing looks nice too. Glad to know they are improving their skills by the grace of Allaah! May Allaah give them success in both world Aameen.

Anonym sa...

Umm adam said:
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, subhan Allah, still have trouble commenting on my own blog, have to write as anonymous,

Umm Suhaila: Im trying to develop the best teaching method for just that all the time and I find it quite a challenge. When they are doing different things I try to make it go very smooth and with stuff they like so I dont get the " I want to do what he/she is doing" to much.. Im not sure how to approach when the curriculum is done.. maybe I`ll do it over wih Roqaya and progress with kindergarten curriculum for Adam, do you have any suggestions? How do you do it? Barak Allahu fiky for the comment sister.

Umm Maimoonah: Jazak Allah khair, ameen to your dua uhkktee :)

Umm Suhailah sa...


Teaching multiple children is a task that I'm still trying to get together. But I teach Yara Suhailah's work- and now that I'm doing the Glenn Doman method it has made teaching them easier- since both of them can learn whole words together. I take one child first- go over the flash cards- while the other one is playing - then I take the second child and go over flash cards - everything else they learn together- Yara will learn ABC's and Numbers through flash cards outside of the routine school.....trust me- i'm still working it out :) lol I'm reading your blog to get answers for myself ;)

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