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søndag 1. mai 2011

Summary week 9, remember Allah

Assalaamu alaikum sisters,

Then we are done with the first week with our new schedule, alhamdulillah. The schedule worked out fine, but I realized I forgot to make time for arabic, so now I have adjusted alhamdulillah and will edit the post with the correct schedule shortly insha Allah.

We started off with the book from Umm An`numan as our schedule says. Im very happy to start our weeks with these minibooks because they are a great introduction to the theme of the week with their gentle and interesting manner, masha Allah, and my children just absorbs everything from these books, masha Allah.

As you may see their coloring has improved, masha Allah.

 The cut and paste activites are a favourite with Roqaya.

And we went all the way on our acitvity with the weeks theme and made ourselves a dua bulletin board!

The resources are from islamicbulletinboards.

A closer look at the daily dua tracker

And at the left we had the best times to make dua, and at the right some reminders for etiquette of dua.

They also made their own dua requests and we put them at our board

We read the story of prophet Ayoub a.s and we colored in his name at the tree at our weekly board, and this week they wanted to paint the name with watercolors again so then they did.

Since one of the things recommended for making dua is having wudhu we did an introduction of wudhu and that was fun, and messy. I want them to get used to making wudhu with little water, and not with running water. I think that is nice to do from the early beginning so it will be easy for them, insha Allah, not to use much water when they get older.

We used the cards from the whats next game from learningroots to practice the steps of wudhu.

 And we made these charts for a ringbinder I have prepared for wudhu, dua and salah. One chart is the steps of wudhu, the other and introduction with some of the things that breake wudhu, from ummabdulbasir s old blog, and the last how to purify if we dont have wather, an easy introduction to tayamum.

I also prepared for them the little book of adiya from amuslimchildisborn which we used in our circle time, and outside circle time too of course.

Within the mini workbook they got introduced for the positions in salah and their order and I also told them the names of the different positions. Later in the week they did this cut and paste acitvity from talibideenjr on the positions in salah. They did the cutting first, then I read the name of the empty square and they pasted the fitting position in the correct square. A good revision, alhamdulillah.

We learned the names of Allah, al ahad, al wahid, al awal and al akhir.

They memorized surah al kawthar and we talked about the explanation.

In aqeeda we read about the beautiful topic of jannah, alhamdulillah. A delight to talk about with children.

We had our first time with MEP maths and they enjoyed it.
We did chapter 1 and 2 of the reception year.

I chose this week to change my ways of how we work on writing pratice and pencil control as I realized that the age diffence is more appeant than what I thought earlier.

Since the theme this week were adkhaar and dua we played this game from learning roots, and even though there were a lot of adiya they have not memorized yet they are now familiar with many of them and it got their attention to many of the situations were we have a suitable dua to say.

And they got to practice fine motorskills like this

The masjid is one of Adams many works, this one is a simple one according to himself.

And some threading with shapes.

5 kommentarer:

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Barakallaah Feekum! Subhanallaah really enjoyed this post and all the activities. You have taken lot of trouble. And masha Allaah children have a nice learning environment. May Allaah reward you for all your hard work. And my love to your kids!

UmmAdam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah ukhtee,

Jazak Allah khair for your kind comment sis! Looking forward to see what you and Maimoonah are up to next insha Allah!

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum!

Wow you had an active week Mashaa'Allaah. I enjoyed the post and seeing some family time. Forgive me if I asked this before but how many days did all of this require? And how old are your children? Were they easily distracted with the mini workbook?

UmmAdam sa...

wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah sister,

This week were sunday to friday with "school work", the family time was saturday and we also made review charts of what we learned about dua friday or saturday for our binder. But I try to get everything done by our new 5 day schedule. But I adjust and catch up if necessary insha Allah.

Roqaya (2,5) needs most of the time to do the workbook in two sessions, Adam (4)always wants to finish when he has started and he focus well masha Allah. How does that work with your children? Do they do the work book all at once?

Umm Suhailah sa...


Mashaa'Allaah. That's good Mashaa'Allaah! Suhailah could finish it with help and Yara as well. But it has to be broken up- the girls like a lot of hands on messy stuff- sitting down and coloring is ok but it can't be too long :). I want to use more of the workbooks though but my printer ink only wants to print color and not black :) Mashaa'Allaah.

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