“O you who possess Eemaan (faith), save yourselves and your families from the Fire.” [Sooratut-Tahreem (66): 6]

“…Flee unto Allah…” [Surah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:50]

fredag 24. juni 2011

Ramadan preparations 2, Rajab

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Scheduling, mind preparation and more

Less than forthy days left for ramadan, subhan Allah. Even though I have started planning early this year I still feel like I, and I do have, got a lot to do and prepare. I have started making schedules for the planning to be easy to stick to insha Allah.
  1. For the kids activities, a thirty day schedule which also includes the last days of shabaan for pre-ramadan activities. One theme for activities each day and they will also insha Allah learn one thing about our prophet sallahu alaeihi wa sallam each day. I got the idea from here ,but for now I have just put it in a regular table and Im not done.
  2. Weekly schedule which includes Quran memorization for the kids, time spent outdoors (when, how and where), meal preparations (I plan which days Im going to be cooking insha Allah, so I dont have to cook every day) and househould duties for the week (regarding household duties I plan to do all "big" stuff before ramadan,  so I dont have to f.ex clean the fridge or arrange the closets in ramadan)
  3. Started to arrange meal planners. We are not crazy about food in ramadan and the planning is not to exaggerate regarding it, but for practical reasons (like not to have to cook everyday and to make sure we eat healthy, I plan outside ramadan as well, alhamdulillah) I printed from here.
  4. Personal goals for ibadah in ramadan, including Quran. For this I use the mothers ramadan organizer. Everything else is to be put in there too.

    Mind preparation, audio, reading
    I want to start to make a selection of audio for ramadan soon. Im thinking mostly khutbas and short lessons, then I can listen to lectures while cooking/ironing or folding or other houshould duties which keeps me in the same place for a little while, and still its not too long time for the kids to play by themselves or do an activitity independently as normal insha Allah. Within ramadan it is Quran that will be the main priority whenever there are possibilities for reading insha Allah.

    Pre ramadan I have started hearing some doroos to prepare my heart and mind and I recently got the book of ibn ul Qayim rahimu Allah called the invocation of God in english (its a part of the book called awabil asayib in arabic) I hope to read it before ramadan insha Allah, it sure seems like a great book masha Allah.
Arts and Crafts, down to ten

So I have come down to ten, and of these I will eventually choose four-five, get the necessary items and prepare them and print/write down instructions within shabaan insha Allah.

Date tree (with video!)


Felt masjid

Wall picture for baby Romaysa

Masjid craft with shahada inside

Sadaqa box
Eid decoration

Dates from tree to table

Good deed tree

Ramadan lantern / small lantern mobile
Games and books for ramadan

This is the list until now

Games: sadaqa charity shop, ramadan board game, box of manners, what to say when

Reading books: welcome ramadan, A visit to Medina, An extraordinary experience, The jolly jamaat, prophet Muhammad (saaw), when ramadan comes, lets celebrate eid

Coloring and activity books: Seerah mazes, Prophet Muhammed coloring book - also with ahadith, my islamic coloring book

Pre ramadan activities, last days of shabaan
For the last days of shabaan this is our plan:
Make a ramadan lap book (inspired by this one)
Color this homemade  Ramadan coloringbook, explain
Make a ramadan craft, maybe moonsighters

And yes, we will be making a ramadan bulletin board insha Allah, Im really looking forward to that! Our sisters at IBB has shared some perfect resources for this here masha Allah.

onsdag 22. juni 2011

Summary week 16, Allah gave me a family

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
This week we talked about the blessing it is to have a family. The kids learned more about who that is our family on how we are related. This was the first time they really understood that their aunties and uncles really are ummi and babas sisters and brothers, just like they themselves are sister and brother. And they were like: okey, you are sisters/brothers but you live different places? And we explained how we spent childhood together with our parents and siblings before we married and now we are having our own family as well, subhan Allah. Time passes by so fast.

They did the mini work book, some of it they needed a bit help with as there were some writing this time, but they enjoyed both the help and the activity. I cut the puzzle and they did it looking at the pictures.

Also one of the acitivities were to write a letter to family who lives far away. We choosed to write imaginery letters in the workbook and I asked who they wanted to write. Adam chose his auntie and I wrote and he told what he wanted me to write, he became like this: For auntie Naoual. I have made a puzzle. I do have crayons. How are you? From Adam

Roqaya only wanted to write for Abu Adam, as he was travelling at the moment, so she did write this: For Baba, Im sending a letter. I love Baba. From Roqaya. Masha Allah. She dont like for him to travel lately, even though she is used to it since as long as she can remember.

I catched the letters on my phone and sent them for my sister in law and for Abu Adam and the kids were so happy when they called and thanked them for the letters. Insha Allah we will send some cards through mail soon.

They learned Allahs names Ajabbar and At tawab

We made this family tree together of our closest family. They painted the tree and we painted the apples together and I wrote the names. They showed a lot of interest in everyones "real" names, what is jeddihs real name, and grandma and so they went on..

I also asked them the questions and made this personal trees for them from here. Regarding the interesting story Roqaya did not know what to tell about herself but finally she said: I fell and hurt myself outside when I walked and ran with my feet (feet, not legs) *smile*


A couple of weeks ago I finally clicked on some links to learn more about montessori. I have seen many places sisters talking about montessori and they are doing montessori activities with their children but I never got into it before to understand what that really meant. And after doing some reading I just have to say it seems very nice and like a good approach with children! I really like this thinking of how to act with your child to help him develop himself.

I realized that some things we were already doing was fitting to be called montessori acitivity, and I also tried prestenting some activitites from here with the children. They spent a lot of time with them the whole week masha Allah. Especially getting to do activities with water was attractive to them, but also spooning and getting to use tweezers.
I was trying to get in aqeeda and some other material on my plan but this kept them very busy and happy and they have been enjoying it a lot, its truly a blessing of home education to be able to adjust after the kids alhamdulillah, and I will just try to read with them aqeeda another day when they show interest. Im learning more about this method and we will be using activities like the ones on the link above insha Allah. Maybe I even get some pics for next week, insha Allah.

They did a few worksheets, here are some of them, they did worksheets on math and number recognition, pencil control, norwegian and arabic


Roqaya has had a nice progress regarding the arabic alphabet masha Allah and she recognizes most letters know.

We read madina arabic together (I read to them and explain the meaning and we ask eachother suitable questions in arabic) and try to implement it in our everyday speech as well.

And we did MEP math chapter 10, learning about f.ex about counting ziro, over, under, in front of, behind e.t.c

My intention was to introduce the prophets Ilyas and al yasa a.s this week but they wished to talk about Ibrahim and Ismail a.s and some more of the other prophets instead, so we revised a bit and we will continue next week insha Allah.

Adam finished surah al masad, Roqaya will soon insha Allah. And we read the last three asawar ( al ihklas, al falaq and annaas) which they knew earlier on but they need to correct pronounciation (Adam) and improve a bit, especially with surah al falaq. They read surah al falaq fine together with me but not by themselves. I thought they knew it since they read it with me everyday before sleeping, but they didnt make it all correct when I gave them a small test, we will work on it.

We have also spent time outdoors at our playground, some more nice weather came around.
And we have decided to visit our families who lives in two different cities in other parts of the country in shabaan. We will travel for two weeks insha Allah, one week at each place. So then we have to pause the curriculum from then and to after ramadan insha Allah. And we will be swithing some themes as well, so dont get confused when some weeks seems to miss, we are getting to it insha Allah. I just want to do the vehicle theme and the clothes theme right before we leave, and we have to go back and do the healthy body theme when we start up again insha Allah.

mandag 13. juni 2011

Summary week 15, Allah gave me a house to live

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

This week we learned about having a home and the blessing it is to have a shelter and to be safe. We talked about how Allah has given us our home and about the different types of homes for people and for animals and how some animals build their own homes, subhan Allah.

They did the workbook from Umm An`numan and this week she gained herself some extra popularity for the different covers. Roqaya is a very girly girl and she totally adored the pink cover! Adam were also very satisfied with his cover, alhamdulillah.

They did the activities inside the book, learning about were in the house different objects belong and what does not belong (they were a bit shocked with the sheep in the living room and the wheel in the bathroom).


About some of the homes of animals

They also learned the names of Allah al mutee and al manan

We read in our enoclypedia about different houses and ways to live around the world, this was really informative and suited their level very well and we had a nice discussion around this.

We also read this book from arabic first and learned the names of different buildings

They also colored in the acitvity sheets from this book

They read this from amuslimchildisborn together with Abu Adam, this tells the names in arabic for many of items in our home.  They also learned the expression "mansil" which were new to them, they have always used "bait" until now.

They did this cut and paste of "where do I live" of animals also from a muslim child. I left them with this when I was giving baby Romaysa a bath and Adam had them all correct masha Allah, but Roqaya had almost everything wrong, I dont now what happend, when I asked her afterwards she knew all the right answers.. but she did it wrong.

They also did this worksheet on animal homes which I found through a google search

And they traced this (house, live, apartment, flat)

We talked about our final home, being jannah insha Allah and we read the "my little book of jannah" from dar ul kitab, and when we were finished Adam asked: so, arent we going to read the little book of jahannam? And then we read some of it together too and they dealt with it fine, alhamdulillah.

We also made these paper houses from smart ark fun stuff (you should check it out if you have not already, a lot of nice printables for free masha Allah) , and they really loved it even though they need a lot of help since the houses are pretty small for their hands to handle with folding and glue, and they were very proud of the result *smile*

We read the stories of Prophet Zakaria a.s and Yahya a.s and they painted their names with water colors.

They almost finished surah al masad. I feel like Roqaya slows Adam a bit down regarding Quran, because she will not read if she does not get to do the same as him.. but maybe I`ll try to do some reading with him in the evenings when she has gone to bed, a total different surah so she wont notice when we read together in the mornings.. hmm, I need to think more about this. Im open for suggestions dear sisters.

We read more of the madina arabic, its such an easy approach, and they love to use the phrases through our day.

And we did the next chapter on MEP maths

And that was it for this week, we had extra ordinary warm weather and the kids enjoyed themselves outside in their little plastic pool at our balcony, masha Allah. So no worksheets with letters e.t.c this week and less "school", qadrallah walhamdulillah. Today it was raining again and back to 13 celcius, Allahumma sayiban nafian.

onsdag 8. juni 2011

Summary week 14, Allah gives me sickness and cure

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi,

Last week we learned about how Allah gives us sickness and cure, something about sickness itself and about how we can take care of ourselves to keep ourselves healthy bifadlillah and what we can use as a cure with the help of Allah.

First they did the workbook on the subject, alhamdulillah. It had a lot of fun activities and they learned what to say when visiting someone who is sick and the dua to be said while in pain (they did not memorize the whole of the dua to be said whilst in pain but you know how kids have small accidents all the time so I guess they`ll be done through practice sooner or later, Allahu alam)

They learned Allahs names al afoow and As shafii

Then we read in our enoclypedia about how the body tries to defend itself from harmful germs e.t.c first the skin blocks out, then white bloodcells chase the germs and eats them (they found that part very interesting) and how the immune system works very hard to locate, destroy the harmful and repare the damage done subhan Allah.

We read the book from Dar ul Kitabs learn about series on the subject of sickness and cure, and that lead us to a nice conversation on how to react when we face difficulties, how to show sabr and the wisdom behind any pain and how we can gain rewards through it. Subhan Allah, sometimes I wish I had a book like that on every subject.., its just so clear and nice explained, and authentic of course. I think the sisters who also are blessed to have these books on their shelves knows what Im talking about.

We talked about some of the cures we know of from the prophet sallahu aleihi wa salam and I asked them what we can use and masha Allah they mentioned black seed, honey and zam zam water. They are used to these treatments from experience alhamdulillah.

We talked about how to take care of our body and prevent ourselves against disease with Allahs help, like: dressing warm when its cold, to wash our hands- how and when and eating healthy foods. These are things we always say to them (like: "put your jacket back on", "did you wash your hands?"), but now they understood more of why. Adam colored this sheet on situations were we should wash our hands.

And Roqaya colored this one about how to wash hands properly.

I learned something from one of the links I read preparing for this subject, about not using the same towel after hand washing, because the towel spreads germs from person to person. We always used to have one towel by the sink for handwashing and separate for wudhu/baths somewhere else, so then I bought some simple towel knots for a nice price and printet out our names and had the kids color them and now we all have our own towel for handwashing alhamdulillah.

Also we learned about good germs, and these print outs on handwashing and germs I got from here, and we put them at our weekly board together with the dua for when in pain and we discuss it from time to time.

They traced this (english: sickness, health, germ, sabr)

Roqaya did these worksheets

*picture removed*

Adam did these, suddenly all he wants to do is tracing, subhan Allah,

We started up with aqeeda again, alhamdulillah, I had prepared some easy review questions to help breaking it down to their level of understanding. That seemed to work out fine, alhamdulillah.

We continued with surah al masad regarding Quran but we did not finish it yet.

We did MEP maths together, chapter, needed to draw a bit extra for them to fully understand some of the questions- that was Abu Adams contribution masha Allah and they understood it.

They also did other match activities with Abu Adam with drawing dots in two circles and then adding their numbers, here is Adam by himself making and counting dots

We went on with madina arabic and finished lesson 1 containg dalika, man dalika and ma dalika. They picked it up very quick both of them, masha Allah.

We did read from the Read book (learning roots) some evenings and Im looking forward to use this book further on insha Allah.
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