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lørdag 4. juni 2011

Our (newest) schedule and circle time

Assalaamu alaikum

As I promised a while ago I was going to post our new schedule and here it comes insha Allah. I needed to make room for household duties twice a week on daytime,  so then our school is early those days and the new schedule is more general too. As before, we are not enslaved by it, and sometimes we finish more tasks in one day and other days we dont get to do anything due to different circumstances qadrallah, but it is our guideline.

Our "school" week goes from sunday- thursday. We try to get outdoors once a day, at our playground or small family trips in our local environment and my children also has (of course) a lot of time to play by themselves. We play games together, read books and do hands on activities and arts and crafts outside the schedule too. I will explain a bit about what we do in circle time at the end of this post insha Allah.

Sunday: Early circle
                   Usool at thalata
                     Mini Work book
           Late circle

Monday: Early circle
                               Learn about a prophet
                                    Activity with weeks theme
              Late circle

 Tuesday: Early circle
                                                   Learn about some of Allahs names
               Late circle
Wednesday: Early circle
                                                  Tracing or/and letter worksheets
                                                 Reading on subject of the week
                  Late circle
Thursday: Early circle
               MEP math
                                          Worksheets numerals/activity
              Late circle
Friday:  Circle time
              Family time
Saturday: Circle time
                Family time

In our early circle we update our calendar and change our weather wheel according to the weather. We have this calendar from islamicbulletin boards for the hijri months. The event cards did I download from TJ and some of them did I make myself. I wish I knew how to make a pdf document to share mine, but insha Allah in the future I will learn it and do so. I also made the small pockets for the date cards and event cards myself. (Im not especially artistic so Im very happy I could to that with the help of Allah, alhamdulillah)

The weather wheel is also from islamic bulletin boards, its some great islamic resources the sisters are sharing masha Allah, Jazakum Allahu khairan!

The wheel with seasons are from a muslim child is born

We also have this activity calendar

We use our clock from plan toys, I explain to them with the clock what we are up to today and sometimes we also tells time together.

We use the cards from word flow

We review asma wa sifat (I read to them and the say with me)

We have our globe which we use sometimes

We use the other headers for the hijri months to learn them

We count together in both arabic and norwegian, and we use these numerals I printed from the MEP maths page for our repetitions when memorizing Quran. We memorize and reviews some in the early circle and does only do review in the evening.

We use a print from the mushaf of juz amma, sometimes we look at the surahs they know, other times we look at the aya they are learning/have learned today, we count and find the correct aya or we find together an aya about the weeks subject e.t.c

We read the READ book from learning roots in the late circle, we have just started with that, alhamdulillah

And I just printet this islamic story cards from a muslim child is born and we used them first time today. Really recommandable and we had a lot of fun with them. They opens for more conversation about islamic subjects and provides an upportunity for the child to always have the right answer and for the child to be creative and tell whats on his/her mind about the subject on the card, masha Allah. I dont use all the 36 cards available yet, only like 20 which I think will create a nice conversation on my childrens level insha Allah.

We also try to get to do some of the morning and evening adkhaar within these circles, and we sometimes uses this small booklet of adiyat we made in our week 9 of the curriculum.

Sometimes we sing/rhyme the alphabets together (both arabic and norwegian), and the days of the week, and we talk about the subject we are covering/ what we have been doing today. Sometimes we read a book together within circle time too.

4 kommentarer:

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Masha Allaah looks a nice stress free schedule! Circle time is wonderful Ukhtee. I think I need to make the circle time bit more interesting for Maimoonah with something new Insha Allah! Thanks for the ideas!

Anonym sa...

Umm Adam said:

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah,

Insha Allah sister, I was very happy happy with the new cards for our circle time, sister Umm An`numan sure is blessed with some great creativity, masha Allah, may Allah reward her! Barak Allahu fiky for the nice comment uhktee :)

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah! Lovely schedule :). I'm glad you found a schedule that you can work with. Love your calendar Mashaa'Allaah. Every time I visit a person's blog the calendar always look like it took hard work :) ......I'm still working on my calendar. Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum

Anonym sa...

Umm Adam said:

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah sister umm Suhaila, you know- the calendar were very, very easy to make, just print-cut-color and use :) Looking forward to see your calendar insha Allah :)

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