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mandag 13. juni 2011

Summary week 15, Allah gave me a house to live

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

This week we learned about having a home and the blessing it is to have a shelter and to be safe. We talked about how Allah has given us our home and about the different types of homes for people and for animals and how some animals build their own homes, subhan Allah.

They did the workbook from Umm An`numan and this week she gained herself some extra popularity for the different covers. Roqaya is a very girly girl and she totally adored the pink cover! Adam were also very satisfied with his cover, alhamdulillah.

They did the activities inside the book, learning about were in the house different objects belong and what does not belong (they were a bit shocked with the sheep in the living room and the wheel in the bathroom).


About some of the homes of animals

They also learned the names of Allah al mutee and al manan

We read in our enoclypedia about different houses and ways to live around the world, this was really informative and suited their level very well and we had a nice discussion around this.

We also read this book from arabic first and learned the names of different buildings

They also colored in the acitvity sheets from this book

They read this from amuslimchildisborn together with Abu Adam, this tells the names in arabic for many of items in our home.  They also learned the expression "mansil" which were new to them, they have always used "bait" until now.

They did this cut and paste of "where do I live" of animals also from a muslim child. I left them with this when I was giving baby Romaysa a bath and Adam had them all correct masha Allah, but Roqaya had almost everything wrong, I dont now what happend, when I asked her afterwards she knew all the right answers.. but she did it wrong.

They also did this worksheet on animal homes which I found through a google search

And they traced this (house, live, apartment, flat)

We talked about our final home, being jannah insha Allah and we read the "my little book of jannah" from dar ul kitab, and when we were finished Adam asked: so, arent we going to read the little book of jahannam? And then we read some of it together too and they dealt with it fine, alhamdulillah.

We also made these paper houses from smart ark fun stuff (you should check it out if you have not already, a lot of nice printables for free masha Allah) , and they really loved it even though they need a lot of help since the houses are pretty small for their hands to handle with folding and glue, and they were very proud of the result *smile*

We read the stories of Prophet Zakaria a.s and Yahya a.s and they painted their names with water colors.

They almost finished surah al masad. I feel like Roqaya slows Adam a bit down regarding Quran, because she will not read if she does not get to do the same as him.. but maybe I`ll try to do some reading with him in the evenings when she has gone to bed, a total different surah so she wont notice when we read together in the mornings.. hmm, I need to think more about this. Im open for suggestions dear sisters.

We read more of the madina arabic, its such an easy approach, and they love to use the phrases through our day.

And we did the next chapter on MEP maths

And that was it for this week, we had extra ordinary warm weather and the kids enjoyed themselves outside in their little plastic pool at our balcony, masha Allah. So no worksheets with letters e.t.c this week and less "school", qadrallah walhamdulillah. Today it was raining again and back to 13 celcius, Allahumma sayiban nafian.

2 kommentarer:

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum

Masha Allaah nice week. You got to use the mini workbook with the kids, Alhamdulillaah! We missed it and probably do it when we are doing revision after we complete the curriculum Insha Allaah!

Yes, I know I feel Roqaiyah would have intentionally pasted it all wrong. Sometimes I have noticed Maimoonah doing that too if she is too lazy to do that : )

Anonym sa...

Umm Adam said:

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah sister,

Barak Allahu fiky. The workbooks are so nice alhamdulillah:) Kind of nice to know the other kids do thing wrong by purpose too, this was the first time I noticed it that clear, subhan Allah. As a mother I guess they need to teach me some things as well :)

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