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torsdag 28. juli 2011

Ramadan preparations 3, Shabaan

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah dear akhawaat

So, this will be my final ramadan preparation post for year 1432 insha Allah. The following plan is what we will try to stick to, but things may be omitted, changed or even added if needed. Im almost done with preparing the materials, a late night tonight and I will be done insha Allah. Im printing activities from Umm An`numans activity book right now. And have you seen the adorable ramadan stuff she has for babies? Baby Romaysas first ramadan will be special insha Allah and I plan to make a post just for that after ramadan Allah willingly.

Roqayas henna paiting from last Eid ul fitr
The material in our plan and our goals
The books mentioned below will be available for the kids through ramadan and may be re read when we like it. The worksheets mentioned are of all kinds, coloring, tracing, mazes, really all kinds. Some of them will be pictured for Umm Suhailas ramadan challenge insha Allah. Our goal is to learn something about our beloved prophet Mohammed sallahu alaihi wa sallam every day this ramadan. Its not like "now they have learned seerah", this is an introduction for them and will hopefully increase their love for Mohammed sallahu alaihi wa salam and their understanding of who he was and his importance. The other will be to increase their general knowledge on ramadan related issues and use our creativity with that subject each day as well. The duas and surahs mentioned will be worked on throughout ramadan and not just at the particular day they are mentioned insha Allah.

We will be having circle time every morning, checking the moon and updating our calendar and read Quran together. Then we will proceed with the days subject and do the activity/craft with it. Then they will have time to play by themselves when I do some housework and then they insha Allah will break their "fast" at lunch time. They really look forward to that.The fasting days are so long here this year that magrib will be way past their bedtime so I will make a nice iftar for them at lunch insha Allah. Then they have some energy and time to play so I hopefully if Allah wills it I can recite Quran till its time for salat ul dhuhr (thats late too up here) and after that we are ready to learn something about our prophet sallahu aleihi wa salam and then they have a snack. Then we spend some time outdoors (or quality time playing together indoors according to the weather). Then they have dinner and after dinner we read together, they play while I do housework and they have a bath, an evening meal, some more reading and a talk about or day and then they go to bed insha Allah.

This week after we came back from our vacation we have done a recycling week and it has been great, alhamdulillah, not a lot of activities but they are totally in for recycling masha Allah. I dont have time to write a post about it now but I will get back to it after ramadan insha Allah. I plan to post once a week the first three weeks of ramadan and then a summary of are last week after Eid insha Allah.

Quran and dua
Prophet Mohammed saw
Color Ramadan coloringbook, discuss

When Ramadan comes

Make Ramadan lap book

Make moonsighters, use smart ark R.cards

Sunnahs for opening fast
“sight the moon” with the moonsighters
Dua for opening fast
Welcome Ramadan
Who was Mohammed (saw)
Closest family, worksheets
Some nullifiers of the fast, put on bulletin board
Surah al Qadr
A visit to Madina
Nursed in the desert, worksheet
Some that affect our fast - worksheet,
make “a fasting day” wheel, put on bb

Prophet Muhammed (darussalaam book)
Khadija and Mohammed saw, worksheet
Good deeds, what are they, start with our good deeds tree

Good deeds
(darulkitab bo
Hira and first revelation, worksheet
Make a date palm, Play dates fall down game

Read about Quraish in Quran people book
First people to respond to the call, worksheet
What is suhoor,
Make a wall picture for Baby Romaysa

Life in Makkah, worksheet
Ibada, what is it, introduce ibada chart, put on bb

An extraordinary experience
Isra wal miraj, worksheet
A muslim child is born activity book

What are hadith and what is it to follow sunnah, explain discuss
Ramadan in Morocco( kids geography, worksheet)

Hijrah to madina, worksheet
What is sadaqa, discuss (ways to give), Introduce and play charity shop game

Read about ansar in Quran people book
Who were ansar, why were they called ansar, worksheet
Make a charity box

Charity lives here (amuslimchildisborn)
Our prophet`s clothing, food and being generous, worksheet
A muslim child is born activity book

Madina, masjid nabawi, worksheet
Play charity shop game, make felt masjid

Introduce and play sadaqa sadaqa game,

Good word seerah stories
Battle of Badr
Shaitan, chained in Ramadan, worksheet

Shaitan is not our friend
Al hudaybiyah, worksheet
A muslim child is born activity book

The conquest of Makkah
Box of manners, play the game and read dar ul kitab book

Good manners
Death of the prophet saw, worksheet
What is dhikr, read and discuss. Worksheet on Islamic sayings

Dhikr, remembrance of Allah
How and when to seek blessings upon the Prophet
A muslim child is born activity book

Manners of reciting Quran
Quran, the prophets miracle
What and when, laylat ul qadr
Dua for laylat ul qadr
Some important things to ask for in our dua (darulkitab)
What is hadith and sunnah, importance of following sunnah
Revision on the five prophets, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa a.s and Mohammed saw.

1.Hadith color and memorize, khairikom man talamol Quran wa alamo
What is itikaf, visiting baba in the masjid

The way to jannah
(learning roots)
2.Hadith color and memorize, salato imado din
A muslim child is born activity book

3.Hadith color and memorize, alaikom bi jamaa
Three mosques, were are they and why important,
 al haram, masjid nabawi and al aqsa

4. Hadith color and memorize,
Assalamo qabl alkalam
Lets learn to protect ourselves from shaitan

Book from dar ul kitab on the subject
5. Hadith color and memorize,
Attaharo shatrol eeman
What is zakat ul fitr, how to measure, who shoud recieve

Use our lap book
6. Hadith color and memorize,
tahado wa tahabo
A muslim child is born activity book

In the way of sahaba

Making Eid decoration
Eid- greeting

Who were the sahaba
How did early muslims celebrate, The eid prayer

Lets celebrate Eid
Worksheet on khulafa al rashidon
Introducing Eid sequence cards

Lets celebrate Eid
Eid worksheet

6 kommentarer:

Ummi Subhana sa...

Assalam u alaikum

Nice plan

But can u do us a favor , plz share the worksheets too , r they downloadable free from somewhere?

Plus what are the activities related to the events of life of prophet Muhammad saw or u would tell through story telling in ur own words ?

Umm Adam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah sister,

The worksheets are not downloadable, its from the books I mentioned in my ramadan prep 1 post, the big islamic coloring book (age 3-5), the life of prophet Muhammed (preschool activity book) and seerah/hijrah stories activities and mazes by goodword. Im using araheequl makhtoum and the goodword seerah books for reading insha Allah. And other than this we have the new puzzle from learning roots with its seerah story timeline to use with this insha Allah.

Jazak Allah khair for your comment sister, hope to see your ramadan plan to.

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah this is lovely! Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for sharing :)

Umm Adam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah sister,

Wa iyak :) Looking forward to see everyones contributions to the ramadan challenge! Jazak Allah khair :)

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum dear sis!

I never knew you posted this, for some reason the blogger reading list of mine did not and is not showing this post, subhanallaah! I just came to your blog to see why are you silent and I found this post subhanallaah! Very nice planning. How many hours do you fast over there subhanallaah, the day seems pretty long looking at your activity schedules.

How do you find the good word books sis? Are the information taken from the right sources Insha Allaah?

May Allaah bless all of you and accept all your deeds this Ramadhaan! Aameen. Ramadhaan Mubaarak!

Umm Adam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah uhktee,

I know blogger did not show this post for some reason, I did try to update and upload it several times but it still did not show.. Im not so good at tech stuff so I just left it.. khair, insha Allah. Glad you stepped by sister *smile*

The first day there is actually 20 hours and 18minutes of fasting, subhan Allah. But it does decrease a lot each day and at the end of ramadan its more normal, alhamdulillah.

Regarding the goodword book I dont know all their actual sources but they keep the stories at a very low-detail level due them being written for children and I keep comparing everything with araheequl makhtoum before I read anything to the kids,so I feel comfortable using their book, khair insha Allah.

Ameen sister, and the same for you and your family. Ramadan Mubaraak! <3

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