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tirsdag 12. juli 2011

Summary week 18, Allah gave me clothes

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

We finished week 18 of the curriculum with Allah gave me clothes. Now we have saved up week 17 for after ramadan insha Allah. The reason I wanted to do this subject first is because of us going to travel in a non muslim country in summer time. When we are at home we, during summertime, mostly try to go out early in the morning, stay at our balcony or go out on rainy days, alhamdulillah. In this manner we dont have to deal to much with people who is not concerned covering their awra (at all). Of course one can lower ones gaze but I dont want this to become normal to my kids anyway, simply because it is not normal and not within the perfect limits set by The Almighty.

So obviously we did talk about awrah and what is counted as private areas. We read the book from dar ul kitab about clothes, I dont have the pic of the book as we are on vacation, but it was very nice and we read it many times through the week.

Workbook special

And they did the workbook, masha Allah! Jazak Allah khair sister Umm An`numan for keeping my kids in mind when preparing this workbook! They had a lot of fun with it, learned much and they were so happy, alhamdulillah!

First they did the coloring

Then some cutting and pasting. I helped them to glue the correct part of the shirt to its proper place to make a word, they were most concerned to "fix the broken shirts"

And they colored and cutted the abayas and we made all kind of fun combinations practicing with different variations of sizes. F.ex I asked Roqaya to put them together small, medium, large. Big, bigger, the biggest. Small, smaller, the smallest e.t.c

Adam really loves tracing these days, so the tracing part of this workbook was truly a delight to him. His independent writing has improved also masha Allah. Consistent use with pencil with different activities throughout the curriculum has helped him with writing bifadlillah.

Roqaya traced to,

They colored and revised the dua for dressing

And the dua undressing
*picture removed*

They connected the suiting picture to the correct season

They learned Allahs names Al Mubeen and Al Haqq and colored them in

The workbook had this nice activity with telling the name of the object in the picture and write its first letter withouht tracing. Adam did well masha Allah, but he got the letter K the opposite way, the others he did very well, masha Allah (their answers are in norwegian obviously). Roqaya needed help with the writing (I traced for her) but she had fun alhamdulillah.

The workbook had a counting activity and they wrote the correct number beneath

They recognized colors and incircled them

Montessori activtity, idea from here . They are arranging clothes after correct seasons. They used these several times through the week. 


We did the clothes theme activities from a muslim child is born, everything concerning it is described there. They know the arabic numerals now masha Allah, so this were easy to them. They wanted to color the shirts so they did.

And they made the puzzles too

We used some of Umm An`numans materials and some from Umm Abdul Basirs hijab lap book and some from google search and made ourselves this poster of clothes, thanking Allah for our clothes and recognizing clothes for girls and clothes for boys and naming them. We put it at their closet together with the dua for dressing.

We did another chapter of MEP maths

And continued with Madina arabic

We played this wonderful wooden game I bougth them some while back.

You are suppose to clothe the teddy with correct pieces of clothing, or incorrect or whatever way you wish. The faces have different moods also and we made a lot of different stories when playing with it. At first they had the single teddy and we told a story like: little teddy are going to bed, what clothes does he need then? And they found his clothes for sleeping and then I asked: how does he feel having to go to bed in daytime when he would rather play? And they pick his mood.. and we made a lot of stories like that.

After having this for a while I got them the exetension of the game with four different teddys as a family, and then they also have to puzzle the correct pieces to have them fit the right teddy and there were a lot more variations possible alhamdulillah.

Then they put all the sad faces at the teddys and no clothes and told me the Teddys are sad because they dont cover their awra, lol. Guess they learned something...

On Aqeeda we learned about shirk and discussed how grave it is. Roqaya illustrated to me that she understood the concept by her starting a conversation about worshipping the sun, subhan Allah.

With Quran they are learning surah al humaza.

We did not have time for any worksheets that week as we were preparing for our vacation alhamdulillah. Im very thankful that we got to do this subject before we left, we are finding what we learnt and tought very useful now that we are on our trip, alhamdulillah.

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Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum


"Roqaya illustrated to me that she understood the concept by her starting a conversation about worshipping the sun, subhan Allah."

Wow!!!!! May Allaah make her and all of your children pious and grant them tawfiq in this life and the next Aameen

Please make dua for me while you are traveling-- Ask Allaah to please forgive me for my sins and make me increase in Ilm for His sake alone Aameen

May Allaah make you guys trip easy and grant you the good from this trip and spare you from the bad from this trip Aameen

Umm Adam sa...

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah uhktee,

Ameen to all of your dua. Barak Allahu fiky! I will remember you in my dua insha Allah.
Jazak Allah khair dear sister!

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum dear Umm Adam

Masha Allaah great work. I really like the way Adam traces and writes, very neat masha Allaah, Allaahu Baarik lahum, little Roqaiya reminds me of Maimoonah, so sweet masha Allaah! Teddy clothing is indeed a nice activity!

Please do remember us while you are travelling too and hope to see you participate Umm Suhailah's Ramadhaan Challenge once you are a back Insha Allaah.

May Allaah give you a safe journey! Aameen!

UmmSara sa...

mashaAllah, I like all your kids work. Seeing your two kids working at the same time together reminds my kids working together too. It is good for kids and us mothers too, right? : )

Keep up the good work sis!

Umm Adam sa...

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Umm Maimoonah: Jazak Allah khair sister. Yes, insha Allah we will participate in the ramadan challenge, I will read the posts well and sign up when we are back insha Allah. Will remember you in my dua as a traveller sister. Barak Allahu fiky!

Umm Sara:
Yes, its very nice, masha Allah. I fell like it creates a special bond between them when they explore, learn and experience things together, subhan Allah. Barak Allahu fiky sister :)

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