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torsdag 11. august 2011

Ramadan 1432, day 6-10

Bismillahi rahmani raheem

Assalaamu alaikum sisters,

subhan Allah the first ten days of ramadan has already past. I pray that you all are benefitting, taking advantage and enjoy this month. I have seen the other blogs of sisters how nice activities they do, and bringing the whole family into it masha Allah, may Allah reward you!

Here are some descriptions of how we spent our last days. By the way, I will give a summary post about how they are doing with their seerah introduction in the middle of ramadan insha Allah.

Day 6, what is ibadah
We discussed what worship is and I introduced them to the word ibadah. We used the sheet from TJ ramadan organizer to understand more about what ibadah is.

To obey Allah
To do the things He loves
To abstain from the things He hates

We put together the ibadah chart for our BB and filled in so far. But they are so happy with their good deeds tree so Im not sure we will use the chart the way it really deserves, but still it is a good reminder of what is ibadah and to do such actions to please Allah and we will fill in for some days each time and discuss insha Allah

Day 7, some coloring activities
Our plan says activity from the activity book but I realized I had only printed the iftar worksheet for this day, and that did Roqaya do earlier in ramadan, alhamdulillah. So then they used their islamic coloring book and got to choose which activity they would like to do. They both preferred to start from the beginning of the book coloring Allahs names, alhamdulillah. Since this is something we have continouesly been working on in the curriculum they are familiar with it and it was a nice conversation and a quiet time discussing some of the attributes of our Creator.

Day 8, what is suhoor and a masjid craft

We discussed a bit suhoor, healthy choices and when to eat. We did not do any worksheets as intented due to them noe being interested today, they are playing an imaginery roleplay these days and its sometimes different to reach them, lol.

But for the craft they were very happy and really enjoyed making something for their babysister masha Allah. I printed some masasjids for coloring from the activity book and they painted them with watercolors and then we glued into our self made frame, wrote on it ramadan mubarak with glitter glue

*Removed pictures of the kids making this poster*

Day 9, Ramadan in Morocco
So, Abu Adam is moroccan and we have been visiting his homeland twice, alhamdulillah. And today they learned some more abut it.
In Morocco 1431
They knew of some of the traditions for ramadan already, like at iftar moroccans have their soup called harira and the sweets with it called chebekia And we talked about the children there trying to sight the moon, about no one eating outdoors in ramadan and for everyone to go pray tarawih and the masasjids being filled insha Allah. These are experiences we dont get living in a non muslim country.

And we learned how their flag looks, what is the name of the currency they have, some geography- where is it in the world, where in morocco do they have family members, where have we been e.t.c. We used a presenation for kids from national geographic.

We learned about the most common animals in morocco, and about moroccos variatons in environment, from desert sahara to snowy mountains, subhan Allah.

picture from a mountain when we travelled by car to visit other family members

They colored the flag while I read to them and we watched some landscape pictures we got on our trip last summer.

Day 10, What is sadaqa - lets play a game

Today they learned about the term sadaqa and different ways to give sadaqa. We simply discussed the matter and this was the first day of a few days with sadaqa as our theme.

Then I finally got to introduce them to the smart ark game My charity shop which I have saved for them since I got it for us to use in ramadan. Alhamdulillah, they loved it! We played it together, they played later with their father, and they even played by themselves. It sure seems like other smart ark products we have, like great durability and even the box for the game is of nice quality masha Allah.


So now we continue our sadaqa theme for some days and we will insha Allah be having guests with us this weekend and I hope for their girl at Roqayas age to join our activities if she like insha Allah.

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Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah. Love the activities. Your kiddos during art time have smocks? Is that what its called. It is soooo cute Mashaa'Allaah.
Love the fact that kids get to learn about Moroccan culture from someone who knows it closely :)
Smart Ark products seems so nice Mashaa'Allaah- cannot wait until one day I try one out :)
Good job you guys - it's nice to see families working together and learning something beneficial
Ohhh Umm Adam- do you go to www.slide.com for your slides? If not- try that site- that's where I do my slides and I don't get any problems.
Love ya lots and stuffs

Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Very beautiful activities. Love the Masjid craft! Umm Adam I really like to learn about Morocco too, wish I could have joined you all for the lesson! Masha Allaah very productive days!

UmmSara sa...

assalamu alaikum,

mashaAllah, wonderful activities to keep kids busy during Ramadan. Both kids look so cute mashaAllah.

Jazakhillahu khayr sis for sharing.

Umm Adam sa...

Assalaamu alaikum dear sister,

Sorry for being so late at commenting back, jazak Allah khair for you kind comments!

Umm Suhaila, I dont know what the english word for what they are wearing is, *smile*, but yes- they do wear them, these are really great so they dont mess up their clothes to bad insha Allah :)We were giftet them by my mother alhamdulillah

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