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søndag 11. september 2011

Summary week 17, Allah gave me a healthy Body

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah dear sisters,

So, we are back on track and on it to fulfill our last weeks of the preschool curriculum prepared by sister Umm Maimoonah and Umm Ibrahim.

We went back and did the missing week 17 from before our vacation, Allah gave me a healthy body.

We started up with the mini work book from Umm An`numan, this time in norwegian, walhamdulillah! If you are norwegian, swedish or danish and would like the mini work books in norwegian please visit Ummahat Norge, and if you dont have access yet please email me and I will be happy to help. The mini books will be added there in translated format one after another insha Allah.

Working on the work book activities

They learned two more of Allahs beautiful names, Al Hafee and Al Haseeb.

For arabic activity we did the body parts wheels from a muslim child.

They got free hands with it too.

We did some review of the Madina arabic terms that we learned before our break.

We did read in our enoclopedia about the body and its functions, subhan Allah, they were amazed at many things. Especially that we all have sceleton, and food digestion and the lungs. We reviewed some of the things we learned earlier when learning about food and drink.

We have head started with the books I have got for next years curriculum for norwegian reading and writing, and it seems to fit them very well. We did the letter I/i. For Roqaya she learns the phonics and learns to write/trace them, and for Adam he continues practising writing and he learns to read and join them with other letters.

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Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu alaikum

Masha Allaah nice to read the summaries once again. Great that Adam is reading masha Allaah!

May Allaah reward you for the translating of the mini book, I am sure it will be helpful for many from that region Insha Allaah!

Yes sis, I know what you mean Hifdhl for me too is a bog issue and as you know Maimoonah was going through a bad patch. And I also realized now that she is grown her interests are many and got to be careful of making her not love the Qur'aan subhanallaah! I would have loved her to finish Juzz Amma by now, but I realized she needs to take her time for a better outcome, it can be slow but it needs to be proper. So now I have found that making her revise informally works well and listening to the recitation by the Imaam works well for memorization. So Insha Allaah we will continue it this way. May Allaah make it easy for you all too. Aameen!

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaiki

Mashaa'Allaah. I really understand you on this post. I was reading and thinking you and I share similar feelings when it comes to teaching three different levels.
With the Glenn Doman method....I teach each child the same words. I havent read the book yet- but i've visit several sites and watch him on Youtube to learn more. Even though each girl is different- age, maturity, and abilities- I sit them all together and show them words, talk about it.......and pray to Allaah that each of them will learn it.
I understand what Sis Umm Maimoonah said about memorizing.... I plan on teaching them Surahs....and I don't want any of them to not love the Qur'aan- due to my pressure- I really learn from you guys blogs and I try the methods I see until I find one that works.
I agree with the children not having to be on the same level all the time............Subhana'Allaah I make my girls do everything together....but I learned today that some days, they will need to be taught at different times. Ameen to your dua
and soooooooooooooo happy you are back *big hugs*

UmmSara sa...

assalamu alaikum,

MashaAllah, good to see you have started homeschooling again.

As far as I know you used to revise same surahs at the same time right?
And your kids both pretty much memorized similar surahs mashaAllah.
My older one is 4 and his sister is 3. So far we have not seen the kind of competition you mentioned, but we always remind them that one of them is older,so he needs to be a big boy and learn more so that he can teach his sister as well. We do Quran revision at the same time, but they revise different surahs, older one recites bigger surahs, and younger one smaller ones. Before I used to say who gets to repeat what according to their own schedules. Now we are doing a short session after our daily circle time. I made a special pocket in our circle time board, each child gets to pick one surah and recite while the other waits for his/her turn. I change the surahs every day. They like the idea that they get to pick out a card from a pocket and recite what is written so far. Through out the day we try to have another session of revision, this time we do longer surahs, especially with my older one as he starts to forget if he does not revise regularly. Sometimes they simply do not want to revise, if this is the case I try to encourage them, remind them about the rewards of memorizing and reading the Words of Allah, how Allah loves those who read/memorize/acts upon the Quran and warn them about those who refuse to listen or read it and how Shaitan wants us not to recite Quran at all. When they don't really want to revise they pretend that they can't remember, again we say it is from Shaitan, he does not want hear Quran,thus he is confusing us and if we recite properly with full attention then he leaves us and goes to someone's house where they listen to music and watch TV. Then they start paying more attention and recites just fine, if they make mistakes or get confused somewhere we help them. Lot's of mashaAllah's and hugs works great alhamdulillah. Time to time we reward them as well.
InshaAllah we can learn from each other alot since our kids are the same age and they go through pretty much the similar stages.
Hope everthing will work out for you guys and everybody else. We ask Allah azza va wa jall to make this task easy on us and make it fruitful.Ameen.

Umm Adam sa...

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah sisters,

Umm Maimoonah: Jazak Allah khair for sharing regarding the hifdh experince, and as you say we have to be careful to make them not love Quran. Abu Adam posed a suggestion that he would take the hifdh part with one child while I occupie the other and then I explain tafsir with the first child while he do hifdh with the other and then explain tafseer for him as well after he finishes. Ameen to your dua sister.

Umm Suhailah: Masha Allah, you often makes me smile by your comments, may Allah bless you! Your girls are so close in age and Im sure the card method works very well, especially for the oldest two :) Teaching different levels is a challenge, I too look at others blogs to copy their ways :) Big Hugs back sister! barak Allahu fiky

Umm Sara: Masha Allah, these were some very nice advices. Your ideas for morajaa seems very very good! I will definitely try this insha Allah! Jazak Allah khair! :) Ameen to your dua. Seems that Ibrahim and Sara have same age difference as Adam and Roqaya masha Allah. I learn a lot from you and your activities sister!

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