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mandag 19. september 2011

Summary week 20, Things and people in my neighborhood

Assalaamu alaikum,
We have finished week 20 of the curriculum, subhan Allah, sometimes I feel like we just started and that time goes by so fast, it feels strange to know that soon our preschool curriculum will be finished. The new curriculum will be kindergarten level for Adam, Roqaya will follow with the same subject as him for social studies and islamic studies, but at pre school level  and Im creating a pre school leveled curriculum for her regarding language to go along insha Allah.

This week we learned about neighbors and their rights. For once we did not start of with the mini book but we started with the Islamic Neighbors unit from TJ.

And we read this together so many times through the week, they really loved it. To keep it to their level we did not do any writing activities, we only did it orally. Especially the story called "the non muslim neighbor" got very popular. The story is mentioned in Hilya tul Awliyaa and it is about Hasan Al Basree (rahimu Allah) and his amazing treament of his chistian neighbor. The story short is that his neigbor had a toilet on the roof of his house and it used to leak through a hole and into Hassan Al Basrees apartment, Hassan just placed a bucket beneath and it continued for 20 years. He fell ill and his neighbor visited him and noticed the bucket with urine leaking and asked for how long he had tolerated this harm from him. When Hassan replied for twenty years the christian accepted islam.

We learned about the rights of neighbors and they gave examples of good and bad neigbors. We live in a building with many apartments close so we have a lot of neighbors of all kinds. They gave expamples of good neighboors: a boy who always keeps the door open for us, and make room for us in the elevator, while bad neighbors were the ones often playing load music in the weekends. And we had a little talk about running and stamping in the early mornings, who usually does that? And they smiled and agreed that this has to stop. We also got a new nextdoor neighbor just last week so this was a good upportunity to make something for them and step by and welcome them, and so we did, alhamdulillah.

Then we did our mini workbook from Umm An`numan masha Allah, they are all so great!

 Here is Roqaya tracing were the workes go for work. And Adam writing (in norwegian) what the signs say the cars should do, and the number for calling the police.

Here they should incircle which of the items the  hadith were talking about, masha Allah, a very nice activity. They usually listens carefulle to both ayat and hadith,  masha Allah, but this acitivty were very good to make things more visual too.

Learned two more of Allahs names, al Malik and al Latif

We read these books about neighbors

The Zaynab and Zakariya book they were very exited about when I brought it as they "knew" Zaynab and Zakariya from the recycling book. That reminds me that I have forgotten to write a post about our recycling theme from before ramadan, will do in near future insha Allah. And this book were very nice and and teaches more than only to be kind to neighbors masha Allah, another great Smart Ark product. I have been very satisfied with everything from them!

The other book tells a sweet story of a girl that helps out when the lady next doors falls ill and have to spend the night at the hospital. There were just something small Im not sure if is correct in it, about reading ahadith together to bring comfort to the sick person that was not present. My knowledge is limited and as I dont know of this from the sunnah I did not read that to my children, and as I say I dont know if this is correct or not, but just beware of it if you read this book.

We learned about different proffesions of community workes and we have some child litterature at the subject, in our lanuage

And in arabic/norwegian. I only misses harakat in this book other than that it is very nice, as there are no other to choose from we are happy, alhamdulillah

For arabic we continued reading from baby Romaysas Eid gifts and has just been practising this, very cute lift the flap books

For norwegian Roqaya learned about the letter L/l and we use a montessori approach with sandpaper letters

And we use activities from this wonderful book (recommended by sister Umm An`numan), like writing in the air, makin the letter together (Adam standing up and Roqaya sitting by to make an L)

And Roqaya did this from the workbook, she has become so neat and she really takes  her time and enjoys it, alhamdulillah

When I bought this workbook it was ment for Adam and just for his sister to do activities that suited, but it happend to be to easy for him and perfect for her qadrallah. I could not look inside it before I bought it and I choosed just from the text what I though would be fitting, but in norwegian the choices are limited and this is actually first grade of primary school level.. who would have guessed..
Adam actually made this L (capitol and standard) with his crayons in boredom.

No need to say that he is off that workbook and we will just continue reading with him and I have to dvelve more into suiting beginner writing exercises to give him more challenge so that he will have fun and develop too insha Allah.

With Quran we did morajaa and now we follow the eaxample from Umm Sara and let them draw out of an envelope which surah to be recited, this works very well. We did not put it at the wall yet as we are moving and things has to come down from the walls and not up right now.

 This were the "schooling" we got to do last week, in addition our week contained a lot of outdoors acitivy and coloring and building with lego blocks. We did not do everything on our lessonplan, but alhamdulillah, they learned some nice lessons about neighbors and we had a good time and we will have time to fullfill it Allah willingly.

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Umm Maimoonah sa...

Assalaamu Alaikum Ukhtee!
Masha Allaah very nice. Its really pleasing to see how far you all have come Barakallaah Feekum and how much the kids have learnt bi idhnillaah!

I did not even know TJ had a Neighbourhood Unit! Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing I can use it this year Insha Allaah!

Oh Ruqaiyah is really sweet, I like the way she holds the pencil. : )

We love Zainab and Zakaraiyyah books too, great products. Awaiting to do the recycle unit Insha Allaah!

Wonderful productive week! Alhamdulillaah!

Umm Suhailah sa...


As Salaamu Alaiki

I love reading all these home school summaries Mashaa'Allaah!
How many languages are teaching? How are you teaching it?
Does little Roqaya know how to old the pencil right? Because in the picture Mashaa'Allaah she looks to be doing a good job!!! If she is- did you teach her how? I'm curious because I think I'm lost on how to teach holding a pencil- I was thinking about pencil grips? Have you heard of them.
You guys really do a good job teaching Mashaa'Allaah. Love your new blog picture as well as Umm Maimoonahs! So cute! Did I miss an easel and ink giveaway??? Lol! All these new easel and ink blog pictures are so nice Mashaa'Allaah.
Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for sharing

UmmSara sa...

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi,

MashaAllah, everything seems wonderful. Thank you for sharing your materials, inshaAllah it will be easier for us to do the same topic in the future.
Good job for both of your kids, they are really good mashaAllah : )

Umm Adam sa...

Assalaamu alaikum ya akhawat,

Subhan Allah,Im so late at commenting back! Please forgive me! I read and appreciate, really!!

Umm Maimoonah, Barak Allahu fiky for your nice comment dear sister! Awaiting to see you recycling unit insha Allah, Im sure it will be great!

Umm Suhaila, I teach them arabic and norwegian (our language). By daily speech, the workbooks, puzzles and.. I dont know :) with everything :) Regarding the pencil grip she picked that up long ago while I showed Adam how to hold it. Because he used to hold at the top of his pencil and that made it so hard for him to control it, and I just showed him how to do, and she copied masha Allah. Im not really into it more than that to be honest :)

Lol, I saw Umm Maimoonahs very cute new logo and I decided to register at easel and ink and request one too and getting able to comment there. The sisters are so talented masha Allah!! Wa fikom barak Allah!

Umm Sara,Jazak Allah khair for kind comment sister. Just saw your last summary, I dont know how I missed it.. will leave you a comment there insha Allah :)

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