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torsdag 5. januar 2012

Fresh start inshaa Allah

Assalaamu alaikum ya akhawat,

Bismillahi rahmani raheem,

Welcome new and old readers! And my other home educating blogging sisters- I have really missed all of you! I have been reading your blogs from time to time and I know you are all doing very well masha Allah! May Allah reward you and make it easy for you, and may you continue to motivate others around the world with your engagment with your children (including me, reading, seeing and knowing your progress have kept me motivated during this long break bifadlillah)!

We are finally getting settled in our new home, alhamdulillah. For the last two months we have been between homes and everything regarding somehow organized homeschooling and education had to be put on hold, and a lot of other things as well, and Allah knows best. The upbringing and daily education did not stop of course, and living very close with others for longer periods brought us a lot of new situations and experiences, alhamdulillah, Allah is The almighty Whom sees and hears everything. This is not just a new house or home to us, but a new city and another part of the country. So some adjusments are still needed to feel like home. We have all missed our normal routine, and maybe Adam have missed our old routines the most I guess, one of the things he said when we were between homes were: "cant you just go print something", lol. So I went to the local library and did as he asked me, and we did the eating from the Quran and sunnah unit from Umm An`Numan, and it was easy to them and they did so well masha Allah. Just one picture from that, its the aya they learned, Roqaya colored the background and its on our fridge to remind us insha Allah,

We also went for a long family trip with train to visit my family members, it was over the mountains and it was so beautiful,

*picture removed*

We are hoping to start our new curriuculum within two weeks inshaa Allah. Its Umm Maimoonahs kindergarten curriculum with some personal adjusments. Abu Adam decided to get more involved masha Allah and we are together setting goals and milestones for a long term education plan for the whole family these days, and he has already taken over the teaching of Quran while Im ahead of morajaa (repetition). Romaysa needs to be considered in a new way as well, she is turning 1 year next month inshaa Allah, she develops fast and requires new challenges all the time masha Allah, and of course I want her to get attention too.

We have set up a nice learning area alhamdulillah, Im a bit exited about that.. here are some pics for you.

I will be back with regular posting soon inshaa Allah. Feels so good to be back, alhamdulillah <3
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