“O you who possess Eemaan (faith), save yourselves and your families from the Fire.” [Sooratut-Tahreem (66): 6]

“…Flee unto Allah…” [Surah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:50]

torsdag 19. juli 2012

First ramadan in a muslim country

This is the moon of shabaan, maybe 4 days old above our building, subhan Allah. We are hoping to go out and try to sight the ramadan moon inshaa Allah, even if we does not see it I hope it will be a special event and a joyus time for the children inshaa Allah.

We also have lots of date palms here, masha Allah. Now we see the dates are being all green and fresh masha  Allah. Most of the dates sold here a local, subhan Allah, I love that. It was actually the kids who noticed the dates first, and they remembered last years ramadan date three craft. Hands on learning really stick bifadlillah.

Here is our garden which children from our group of buildings have collected a small amount of money to get decorated masha Allah. I have only seen our garden being decorated like this and it has sure made my children even more aware that here everyone looks forward too and prepares for ramadan masha Allah. In the evenings when they turn the ligths for magrib there are also blinking lights subhan Allah

We have already made a ramadan decoration for our door, pictures are coming inshaa Allah. And we have made a big bulletion board were we will stick many of our ramadan activities and calendar inshaa Allah.
Hope to share with you some of our acitivities soon bidnillah.

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